Spring is a great time to get your house organized. If either your kitchen or bathroom have mostly cabinets on the bottom instead of drawers it is really hard to find what you are looking for. Sometimes I end up sitting on the floor and pulling everything out before I find what I need. So there are several ways to solve a problem like this. One thing you can do is put new cabinets in with all drawers on the bottom and if cost is not a concern then this is the best way to go. You can store a lot more and when you pull out the drawer you will be able to find anything. After 30 years of living in a house with cabinets on the bottom I have replaced the cabinets with drawers. I can tell you I love them and have a lot more storage with the same footprint. And if you do this don’t forget to put Lazy Susans in the corners and slow close hinges on all cabinets and drawers. I love large drawers for pot and pans like the ones I found at http://www.jolietcabinet.com/ConsumerKnowledge.aspx?id=1394.



If you are not ready for a complete cabinet replacement then Rev a Shelf, http://www.rev-a-shelf.com/rev-pages/show-special-category.aspx?catid=1, makes some great inserts for your cabinets without having to replace them with drawers. These inserts slide in and out just like a drawer. Also there are racks to keep your inserts organized. There are inserts for just about everything you could image and you can put inserts in the corners and (these are the biggest problems) you will be able to somewhat use those blind spots.



I love to group a very large number of family portraits. If you are lucky you may be able to include one or two pictures of great grandparents or distant cousins. To me it’s more interesting and so often you can see the resemblance between these distant relatives and your own kids.  I try to make all the frames in the grouping the same color but not the same size. Also I like some of the frames square and some rectangle. In this group all the frames are square or rectangle but don’t be afraid to bring in a circle or oval if it looks right. You just have to make sure that every shape repeats at least once. So you would have to have quite a few pictures to bring in more shapes. If I am going to use color photos I like them all to be color. Otherwise I like all the photos to be black and white. So if you are using distant relatives you will have to get some black and whites of your pictures because you know it is really hard to colorize old photos and have them look good. Anyway most of the professional photographers I know prefer black and white for a family grouping. So if you have a large wall or long wall this is a great way to display the family photos.



What a great idea this is for a shed. This is almost like a second patio; you can have some guests on your patio and in your yard while others can have a little more private conversation in the shed. Many times a cabana is used in the yard for a similar purpose but think about the advantages this shed has over a cabana. There is protection from the weather and the bar stock does not have to be brought in and out for every party. Notice that the wood used for the interior construction of the shed is the same shade as the rattan furniture and the bar stools. There is a fully stocked bar and the nice thing about the bar being in the shed, as opposed to on the patio, is that when it is not in use you can lock it up and not have to worry about others having access. All of the construction is of high quality. Also it the furniture in this shed is great because it is protected from the weather and the cushions do not have to be put away to protect them from rain and sun damage. Great feng shui.

Creating a Unique Contemporary Home Décor


Summary: Home décor is a personal issue for most. Everyone wants his home to be unique and special. There are various design styles available but the most popular today is the contemporary style. Here are some tips on creating a unique home décor, contemporary style.


Decorating the house is something every home owner enjoys. It gives him a chance to decorate his home showcasing his personality. There are different décor styles today; however the most popular is the contemporary décor. It is a simplistic and clean style and allows a home owner to experiment in various manners. With the proper choice in lighting, furniture, and upholstery, a person can create a unique atmosphere in his home. As long as he follows the basics, a person can create a unique contemporary style for his own home in America.


The contemporary style emphasizes on clean lines and open spaces. This style creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Unlike the traditional style of décor which may seem overwhelming, the contemporary style is more relaxed. The simple designs allow for a feeling of openness and the elements and materials used are usually inspired by nature. The colors most popular with this style are neutral shades like creams, white, browns and taupe. Bold colors are usually used to accentuate a room. This may come in the form of a rug or a painting. The furniture is usually wooden and may be either dark or light. It is usually low and can either be upholstered or bare. The upholstery used in this style is usually fabrics and in some cases leather as well.


Tips for a Unique Contemporary Décor

The contemporary décor style allows people to make their home come alive. This style of décor allows for a more calm and open atmosphere. There are various things a person could do to add his unique touch to the style.


The colors used in this form of décor are usually neutrals; however for some personalization a leather sofa could also be added. To add emphasis in a room, bright colored accessories such as pillows and rugs could be added for establishing focal points without drawing too much attention.


Usually, upholstery fabric is in neutral colors of materials such as wool and cotton. This allows the natural texture of the fabric to come through. However, certain geometric patterns can also be used for a unique touch.


Rugs with a single color in a bold pattern will also help in case of a room with different furniture styles. They act as a common factor and give the room balance. A simple coffee table could be added to ensure that the patterns are not overwhelming.


Decorating Ideas – Simple Ways to get a Contemporary Look


Summary: Decorating can be fun or scary depending on the scale of the job – there are many things that fall under the heading of decorating. Tackled one at a time, it is possible to achieve the perfect balance of good looks and simplicity in one fell swoop.


A home reflects the style and personality of the owner – most of us want our homes to be comfortable and inviting.  When one goes shopping, it can get quite overwhelming to look at all the available choices and get confused.  In such cases, it is good to hire a decorator or get back to the basics and get it right.


Tips on Decorating for a contemporary look:


·         The easiest thing to do is to embrace more natural elements.  Buy furniture with simple and clean lines.  Use just the needed pieces to keep the space clean and uncluttered.


·         Whites, creams and taupe make a space look fresh and bright – the one downside is that it could be hard to keep up if there are pets and young children at home.  This look usually works well in small spaces.


·         Sanding down furniture to give it a distressed look works well on any piece – whether it is a nightstand, headboard for a bed or a table.  Add a few small touches like wrought iron knobs to make pieces come alive.  Beds and sofas can be spruced up with cheerful bedding.


·         Use the compare and contrast method to highlight furniture and a space as well.  One can use rattan chairs with a nice table to change to look of a room – this contrast makes it nicer if the chairs are comfortable.


·         Depending on personal choice, overstuffed furniture and comfort can become the centerpiece of a room like the den or living room – make the space comfortable and livable.


·         Lots of fresh flowers liven up any space – there is no need for fancy containers either.  Just use glass jars or even metal watering cans to add whimsy and bring in freshness.


·         People usually think of paint for the walls – one can even do that for the floors to make them look different and unusual.  Many people are lucky enough to find good pine floors which lend themselves to projects such as these.


·         It is easy to personalize a space – make it entirely yours with knick knacks and accessories which have special memories.


·         Don’t be afraid to paint the cabinets either.  Bring in small amounts of color – not many people may be comfortable with bright colors.  With contemporary decorating, this is easy as neutral colors work with the entire palette.


Enjoy the experience and don’t be afraid to experiment – there is a whole world of options to be explored.




Low Budget Decorating – How to achieve a contemporary look


Summary:  Decorating is something a lot of people enjoy doing – and these days it is easier than ever to do so.  Changing the look for a room can be done on a shoestring budget too – and great results are possible.


It is easy to redecorate a home and change the look of a room – if one is willing to do some of the work themselves.  The first thing to remember is that one doesn’t have to spend a lot of money – refurbishing what is already in the home is the way to go.  So what is involved in the process? How can one get a contemporary look for less?


Low Budget Redecorating:


One has to reconsider which room they want to do – or if it is the whole house. Here are things to do:


  • Paint: This is the easiest way to change the look of a room.  Pick a nice neutral color and paint the walls.  This will freshen up the room – the next step is to deal with the furnishings.


  • Furnishings: This includes simple things like bedding and upholstery for furniture.  Enterprising homeowners can do a lot of the work themselves by stitching things like duvet covers for comforters and buy colorful cushions and completely change the look of a room – it is easy to update the home without having to spend a fortune on furniture.


  • Furniture: In the case of furniture like beds, tables and armoires, there is no need to get rid of a piece.  One can spend a little time or get a friend to help with sanding and painting a piece to get a brand new piece to go with the new look.


  • Shopping around:  Check out the local newspaper or online listings – there are great deals to be had.  Many people attach photos of things they want to sell. This is a great way to find new pieces at a fraction of the cost.


  • Multi-purpose furniture: Quite a few people may not have the space for the kind of furniture they would like to have – the best thing to do in such cases is to buy pieces which serve many functions – for instance an ottoman which would have storage space, double up as a table or can be used for seating as well.


  • If possible, move the sofa away from a wall and put a console table with a few decorations on it.  It will make the room look a lot bigger and bring more interest to a space.


  • Another easy way is to do nice window coverings – use curtains to make the window look bigger.


  • Remember not to put too many things on the wall – it can be distracting.  Change pictures and wreaths often to reflect the seasons.


Home Décor – Basic Features of the Contemporary Style


Summary: Decorating is the art of bringing together various elements like furniture, fabric and colors together to reflect a homeowner’s personality while making the space livable. One can spend a lot or a little depending on the available space and budget.


There are so many styles to choose from as far as home decor is concerned – modern, contemporary, traditional, southwestern, Asian inspired themes and so on. Contemporary décor incorporates elements from a range of different styles all of which were developed after 1950. Most of the furniture pieces feature soft lines rounded off for a pleasing look and feel. By comparison, modern designs have stark lines and colors as well with well defined edges. Contemporary interiors are defined by neutral elements with splashes of bold colors to bring interest to a room. Most of the focus is on lines, forms and shapes.


Breakdown of Contemporary Style Features

Color: Most contemporary interiors of a home or office feature muted and neutral colors like off white, taupe, white, cream and brown. Color is provided on a wall through colorful pictures or a single art piece. Color is provided in a room by a rug as well. This serves to highlight special pieces instead of detract from them with busy furniture or bright paint colors. This presents a very restful ambience for those who favor such a style.

Furniture: Tables, chairs and sofas in this style usually have clean lines and smooth surfaces. There is minimal adornment or carvings. The lines are clean, sturdy and slim. They convey the impression of being delicate without really being so. Furniture is usually made from light colored woods, paired with glass and nickel or steel frames. Pieces can be combined to give the impression of space even where there isn’t much to work with.

Fabrics: Natural fabrics like raw silk, hemp fabric, bamboo, linens, wool and cottons are very much in vogue again. Many of these fabrics are available in a variety of designs, textures and colors. Neutrals are favored as people can brighten up a room with accessories like throw pillows, decorative pieces, a beautiful rug on the floor and all kinds of throws. Many people use Afghans or quilts with this color scheme in the family room to make it cozy and comfortable.

Lighting: Lighting is an important factor in every home and interior. There are several designs available which can be considered artistic statements. Most of the lamps in the contemporary category have simple straight lines. One can find these lamps in many different finishes as well. Color can be added to a room thanks to a special finish. Recessed lighting makes it easy for homeowners to not only cut down on bills but highlight their artwork and other accessories.


Current Contemporary Home Decor in America


Summary: Furniture is a must-have requirement in every home. The latest trend in home décor is to mix and match the furnishings. There are various styles available. Shop around adequately before you decide to buy. This will ensure you maximum savings.


It is impossible to think of a home devoid of furniture. However small or big your home is, it has to have adequate furniture. In fact it is impossible to make use of your home without the required furniture and home décor. You will begin to feel a lacking in comfort. Modern types of furniture are excellent additions to your home. There are different types of home décor present. You could choose a contemporary one to make your house look great. It is important you follow a certain theme for best results.


An overview

The current trend in home décor belongs to the ‘mix and match’ category. It is a way to showcase your talent at interior designing. It is your home and you can be as creative as possible. Consulting an interior designer is also an option but it would lead to added expenses. If you do not have the budget for that, you can do the job yourself. In fact you could use that money to buy some fresh state-of-the-art accessories for your home. The primary key is to make sure each and every furniture piece complements each other. It is an adventurous job too and you are free to experiment. However if you are choosing a contemporary theme, it would be useful to refer some websites and magazines related to the theme. Many home owners take up home furnishing as a hobby and they get better with experience. When you shop for modern furniture pieces, make sure you buy from a reputed dealer. Most of them have online businesses and you can pick and choose the required home décor from the comfort of your home. Always choose those that blend with your home set up. It is good to establish a theme if you do not have one currently. You should have a well planned budget in place before you go furniture shopping. This will ensure you buy necessary things. Remember that contemporary furniture is quite expensive. Buying them online may give you some savings. Often the same product is available at different stores. The price also varies significantly. Hence you should spend adequate time shopping around to find the best deal. Each room has its own requirements when it comes to furnishing. You should visit many websites for reference. The styles vary too. Some people like traditional furnishings while some others prefer a sleek modern look.



Basics of French Home Decor


Summary: The French home décor places lot of emphasis on colors, prints, antique pieces, etc. You can have roosters, clocks and other objects as ornate pieces. This gives your home a warm and welcoming feel.
The French home decor is amongst the highly popular styles in interior designing in this world. French home décor has its roots in southern French scenic villages. These designs happen to be luxurious. They bring true warmth into the house as they give a casual feel. They are not very fussy and are also inviting. French home design makes use of natural elements such as baskets, floral and wood. The soothing colors are used such as greens from trees and sky blue colors. The French interior design is suitable for all irrespective of her or his budget. There are certain characteristics of French home.


French Home Décor Basics


The color is an essential consideration for this kind of interior designs. The color associated with such designs is gold and bright yellow, pink, rusty red, lavender, foamy green and dash of blue. This color is preferred as they create good cheery environment. In addition, they let the rustic wooden furniture display beauty. The fabrics also play a major role in French home décor. Toile happens to be a very common fabric that is associated with such kind of ambiance. These fabrics are popular and are generally available in various price ranges. These fabrics can have white or beige background with picture.


The pictures can vary like that of people sitting below a tree, to street scenes and to church scenes. Blue and red are the highly common colors utilized over the prints of these fabrics. However, sometimes brown, blue or simply green are also used. Furniture utilized in such styles of home decor usually happens to be rustic. It must also appear as natural as possible. Pieces of dark woods, stripped woods which have off-white painted job are generally used. Distressed metal and wrought iron is one more extremely common characteristic. These metals are usually utilized on tables, clocks and lamps.


The common accessory within French themed houses is roosters. They can be found in all places from door stops up to pepper and salt shakers. Other accessories which can be utilized are French apothecary jar and train stations signage.  A major emphasis is on flowers in French home decor. Though lavenders are commonly used flowers, other kinds of flowers may also be utilized. Other French antique may also be utilized as more emphasis is given to welcoming and casual look. You can bring in a unique atmosphere, by trying to make your own design by incorporating your unique lifestyle and tastes when designing.


Top 10 Contemporary Home Décor in America


Summary: For every person, his home is important. Thus the decoration of the same is a personal experience as we all want our homes to stand out. In today’s world of décor, there are a few contemporary home décor in America which are extremely popular. Here is some information on the same.


Contemporary décor for the home has become extremely popular today. This form of design aims at warmth and comfort. Simple lines and clean designs with minimal intricate work gives the area a warm and welcome feel without being cluttered. However it is important to go through an experienced contemporary décor designer to ensure the house looks as expected. While there are different designers who have good tips and ideas, people usually use them as a guide. This allows them to use their own imagination while remaining within the basic rules of the particular style of décor. This facilitates them to add a personal touch making their home uniquely theirs. In contemporary décor, the furniture is usually of simple and straight design with little intricate work. This allows for the focus to be drawn to the piece as a part of the entire home. Upholstery is either of leather or of warm fabrics which give a feeling of comfort in the home.


Top Contemporary Décor Designs

Here are 10 of the most popular contemporary home décor tips:

1. Colors are important in contemporary home décor. The best colors are neutrals such as whites, creams, browns and taupe. For better focus or to accent a place, an item with bold color like a rug or painting may be used.

2. Furniture is made of wood and is usually light in color though dark color may also be used.

3. Lighting is usually muted unless focus needs to be drawn to a certain place. This is done with track lighting.

4. Metal may be used for floor lighting in metals such as nickel and stainless steel.

5. The fabrics used are usually in natural colors and the textures are the point of focus. However, geometric patterns may also be utilized.

6. The furniture used is usually low lying and the emphasis is on comfort.

7. The bathroom needs to also have straight and simple lines. The lighting is usually bright to add a fresh look.

8. Bath fixtures need to be simple and made of a combination of materials for warmth and subtle shades.

9. Inbuilt storage is quite popular and helps utilize excess space which is wasted in corners and areas under sinks.

10. In contemporary home décor, many try and utilize natural lighting to the best possible advantage. This requires large windows and balconies to allow natural light in the home.


Essentials of French Home Decor


Summary: The French home décor happens gives your home a warm and inviting appeal. You must use bright colors, decorative pieces, floral paintings, dried flowers, silks, etc. to give your home a French appeal.


The French home décor style can be easily obtained with the correct kitchen or home accessories. All it involves is little alterations such as odd stenciling over walls, coordinating crockery and tablecloths all in colors of your choice. Your walls may be painted cheaply utilizing the colors associated with the Provincial France. Colors that can be included are bright sunshine yellow, fiery red, soft gold, burnt rust, dark hunter greens, bright grassy green, soft ocean blue sea tones, cobalt blue, etc. If you reside in an old styles cottage having beamed ceilings and plastered rough walls, the French style is even very easy to obtain.


French Home Décor Essentials


You can use accessories like copper pots, antique furniture and iron accessories and with some imagination you may transform your room easily. Furniture need not be very costly. Use old furniture present in your house or obtain them in second hand shop. They could look wonderful with some stenciling and hand painting with aged paints. Kitchens may be transformed easily into French feel and look by just replacing its accessories. Certain accessories which can truly provide you such looks are things such as French tablecloths, storage tins having French prints, French kitchen blackboard, iron egg holder, clocks and almost all types of crockery and dishware.


Getting your lighting correctly will truly enhance your look. Overhead lightings as well as spot lightings within working regions are how you can go. Window dressing may also have serious impact over the French appearance of your home. Utilizing fabrics in proper authentic French styles and colors will do wonders. Do not use contemporary, modern fabrics. Just use fabrics that give a warm, rustic and cozy feel. Fabrics that are either printed or solid with strong colors like blue, green, yellow and red will appear great. A blend of gold and yellow paired with blue traditional print or red green will truly set up the look.


You must not forget stripes and checks and also all bright floral print. There are several online shops that help you to buy all such accessories you wish to buy at an extremely reasonably price. Dried flowers or French silk happen to be an essential element of your French home. A stone fireplace can truly set off your kitchen or living room.  In addition, wicker baskets, watering cans and dented tins make good storage containers or window boxes. Details such as blending your furniture along with decorative accessory pieces will aid you to pull off great French styled home décor feel which you will wish to show your friends and family.

Tips to Get the Correct French Home Décor


Summary: French décor uses various prints along with flower prints. The French décor involves balance. You can also use modern color schemes and opt for black and cream furniture. You can also use some antique pieces.


French house decor balances grace with many rustic pieces. It is an ideal blend of femininity and masculinity while decorating. You may spice up your kitchen, living room, bathroom or also a nursery using some tips for French home decor. French home decor appears expensive but it does not mean it needs to be. You may just gather all the items at your home which fits the bill and then blend them all in new methods for making a huge impact. Use fun prints and floral, those are staples of traditional designs. The floral print of French decor style is more like folk-art. The general feeling is very casual.


Tips for Availing Right French Home Décor


You may mix these with checks and solids to create a cheerful way of decorating. Decorate using the correct color palettes for your theme. The French décor color is about balance. In case you expect modern color palettes then go for cream and black colored furniture. Later bring in yellow or bright red fabrics. If you expect a truly French look then involve in lots of blue and yellow accessories to get a cheerful space.  Red also happens to be a color which is generally utilized in such design styles. You may wish to utilize it over your accessories and not on walls. This will prevent your rooms from getting overwhelmed by bold colors.


You need to balance elegance with nature. Grandfather clock is also a staple for this decorating technique. In place of the usual ornate Grandfather clocks, get a version which appears French. This may mean it is completely black and also has ornate wood inlay. You can also give your house a sense that it has been there for a while. This can be done with a fireplace or some faux rustic rock wall. You may also add some log beam to your ceiling. Later you may juxtapose this with sleek stone kinds such as granite or marble. Use accessories which you love.


Even while you use a theme, there is really nothing wrong or right while decorating. Ornate ceramic rooster is a staple in such design style. However, you can use them only if you want to. You may even make your kitchen more colorful with bowl full of lemons or cherries as a centerpiece which you may change out easily. If you possess any antique dishes, pots or ceramics display them at the shelves. French home decor style will render your house a lively and lived in feel. You may also decorate on budget using patterns and color and make a huge impact.




Top 10 Popular Home Décor Styles in France


Summary: There are many popular French home décor styles. These are French country, Modern French, Shabby Chic, Southwestern décor, Traditional, etc. You can opt for any of them based on your taste.


There are many French home décor styles. French country home decorating style has become the highly popular style for interior designing today. French country shows the sunny, warm French vineyard. It combines the new with the old and the sophisticated with the casual. You can find the rustic natural setting and charm of country homes and old farmhouses. French country decor involves warm sunshine and flower filled meadow. The feel is natural and appealing, without much fuss. Often, the color found within this kind of decor is soft green, golden yellow, rust and red shades. You can also find splash of blue, pink or also lavender. It is also an ideal style for people on budget.


Popular Top 10 French Home Décor Styles


Modern French home décor style has clean lines. It often uses minimalist fashion and has no clutter. The colors are usually vibrant and bold. This is not for all as it may often feel austere and cold. Shabby Chic is one more great style in case you are on budget as it is an eclectic mix of vintage fabrics, flea market find and distressed furniture. However, you need to take care for appearing more chic than shabby. Southwestern decor is more about decorating like an old French theme. It is a mix of various tribal influences having earthy, warm tones, primitive art and antique furnishing.


The Tuscan style has been inspired via the traditional designs and warm colors of the bright vineyards. You may use this kind of style if you want your own small piece of sunny countryside house. The Victorian style is another home décor style. It exudes grace with its ornate and rich carved furnishing. If you like the formality from a long bygone era, the Victorian happens to be ideal for you. The Contemporary happens to be today’s style. It is a soft side of the modern having greater rounded curves. You might select contemporary if are looking at creating a style which is stylish yet functional.


Traditional home décor is inviting and sophisticated. It underscores very well made detailed fabrics and furnishings. Traditional displays hints of past, with some formal furniture arrangement. However, it is warm and does not appear stuffy. The Art Deco style brings the glamour of the 1930s and 20s back. After World War I a new era was brought in this highly influenced interior design. Furnishings are modern and streamlined but comfortable. The Country home design style speaks of rolling county hill and farm houses. It is generally welcoming and warm. The furnishings are comfortable and are accented by the vintage country treasure.


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