Basics of French Home Decor



Summary: The French home décor places lot of emphasis on colors, prints, antique pieces, etc. You can have roosters, clocks and other objects as ornate pieces. This gives your home a warm and welcoming feel.
The French home decor is amongst the highly popular styles in interior designing in this world. French home décor has its roots in southern French scenic villages. These designs happen to be luxurious. They bring true warmth into the house as they give a casual feel. They are not very fussy and are also inviting. French home design makes use of natural elements such as baskets, floral and wood. The soothing colors are used such as greens from trees and sky blue colors. The French interior design is suitable for all irrespective of her or his budget. There are certain characteristics of French home.


French Home Décor Basics


The color is an essential consideration for this kind of interior designs. The color associated with such designs is gold and bright yellow, pink, rusty red, lavender, foamy green and dash of blue. This color is preferred as they create good cheery environment. In addition, they let the rustic wooden furniture display beauty. The fabrics also play a major role in French home décor. Toile happens to be a very common fabric that is associated with such kind of ambiance. These fabrics are popular and are generally available in various price ranges. These fabrics can have white or beige background with picture.


The pictures can vary like that of people sitting below a tree, to street scenes and to church scenes. Blue and red are the highly common colors utilized over the prints of these fabrics. However, sometimes brown, blue or simply green are also used. Furniture utilized in such styles of home decor usually happens to be rustic. It must also appear as natural as possible. Pieces of dark woods, stripped woods which have off-white painted job are generally used. Distressed metal and wrought iron is one more extremely common characteristic. These metals are usually utilized on tables, clocks and lamps.


The common accessory within French themed houses is roosters. They can be found in all places from door stops up to pepper and salt shakers. Other accessories which can be utilized are French apothecary jar and train stations signage.  A major emphasis is on flowers in French home decor. Though lavenders are commonly used flowers, other kinds of flowers may also be utilized. Other French antique may also be utilized as more emphasis is given to welcoming and casual look. You can bring in a unique atmosphere, by trying to make your own design by incorporating your unique lifestyle and tastes when designing.