Creating a Unique Contemporary Home Décor



Summary: Home décor is a personal issue for most. Everyone wants his home to be unique and special. There are various design styles available but the most popular today is the contemporary style. Here are some tips on creating a unique home décor, contemporary style.


Decorating the house is something every home owner enjoys. It gives him a chance to decorate his home showcasing his personality. There are different décor styles today; however the most popular is the contemporary décor. It is a simplistic and clean style and allows a home owner to experiment in various manners. With the proper choice in lighting, furniture, and upholstery, a person can create a unique atmosphere in his home. As long as he follows the basics, a person can create a unique contemporary style for his own home in America.


The contemporary style emphasizes on clean lines and open spaces. This style creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Unlike the traditional style of décor which may seem overwhelming, the contemporary style is more relaxed. The simple designs allow for a feeling of openness and the elements and materials used are usually inspired by nature. The colors most popular with this style are neutral shades like creams, white, browns and taupe. Bold colors are usually used to accentuate a room. This may come in the form of a rug or a painting. The furniture is usually wooden and may be either dark or light. It is usually low and can either be upholstered or bare. The upholstery used in this style is usually fabrics and in some cases leather as well.


Tips for a Unique Contemporary Décor

The contemporary décor style allows people to make their home come alive. This style of décor allows for a more calm and open atmosphere. There are various things a person could do to add his unique touch to the style.


The colors used in this form of décor are usually neutrals; however for some personalization a leather sofa could also be added. To add emphasis in a room, bright colored accessories such as pillows and rugs could be added for establishing focal points without drawing too much attention.


Usually, upholstery fabric is in neutral colors of materials such as wool and cotton. This allows the natural texture of the fabric to come through. However, certain geometric patterns can also be used for a unique touch.


Rugs with a single color in a bold pattern will also help in case of a room with different furniture styles. They act as a common factor and give the room balance. A simple coffee table could be added to ensure that the patterns are not overwhelming.