Decorating Ideas – Simple Ways to get a Contemporary Look



Summary: Decorating can be fun or scary depending on the scale of the job – there are many things that fall under the heading of decorating. Tackled one at a time, it is possible to achieve the perfect balance of good looks and simplicity in one fell swoop.


A home reflects the style and personality of the owner – most of us want our homes to be comfortable and inviting.  When one goes shopping, it can get quite overwhelming to look at all the available choices and get confused.  In such cases, it is good to hire a decorator or get back to the basics and get it right.


Tips on Decorating for a contemporary look:


·         The easiest thing to do is to embrace more natural elements.  Buy furniture with simple and clean lines.  Use just the needed pieces to keep the space clean and uncluttered.


·         Whites, creams and taupe make a space look fresh and bright – the one downside is that it could be hard to keep up if there are pets and young children at home.  This look usually works well in small spaces.


·         Sanding down furniture to give it a distressed look works well on any piece – whether it is a nightstand, headboard for a bed or a table.  Add a few small touches like wrought iron knobs to make pieces come alive.  Beds and sofas can be spruced up with cheerful bedding.


·         Use the compare and contrast method to highlight furniture and a space as well.  One can use rattan chairs with a nice table to change to look of a room – this contrast makes it nicer if the chairs are comfortable.


·         Depending on personal choice, overstuffed furniture and comfort can become the centerpiece of a room like the den or living room – make the space comfortable and livable.


·         Lots of fresh flowers liven up any space – there is no need for fancy containers either.  Just use glass jars or even metal watering cans to add whimsy and bring in freshness.


·         People usually think of paint for the walls – one can even do that for the floors to make them look different and unusual.  Many people are lucky enough to find good pine floors which lend themselves to projects such as these.


·         It is easy to personalize a space – make it entirely yours with knick knacks and accessories which have special memories.


·         Don’t be afraid to paint the cabinets either.  Bring in small amounts of color – not many people may be comfortable with bright colors.  With contemporary decorating, this is easy as neutral colors work with the entire palette.


Enjoy the experience and don’t be afraid to experiment – there is a whole world of options to be explored.