Essentials of French Home Decor



Summary: The French home décor happens gives your home a warm and inviting appeal. You must use bright colors, decorative pieces, floral paintings, dried flowers, silks, etc. to give your home a French appeal.


The French home décor style can be easily obtained with the correct kitchen or home accessories. All it involves is little alterations such as odd stenciling over walls, coordinating crockery and tablecloths all in colors of your choice. Your walls may be painted cheaply utilizing the colors associated with the Provincial France. Colors that can be included are bright sunshine yellow, fiery red, soft gold, burnt rust, dark hunter greens, bright grassy green, soft ocean blue sea tones, cobalt blue, etc. If you reside in an old styles cottage having beamed ceilings and plastered rough walls, the French style is even very easy to obtain.


French Home Décor Essentials


You can use accessories like copper pots, antique furniture and iron accessories and with some imagination you may transform your room easily. Furniture need not be very costly. Use old furniture present in your house or obtain them in second hand shop. They could look wonderful with some stenciling and hand painting with aged paints. Kitchens may be transformed easily into French feel and look by just replacing its accessories. Certain accessories which can truly provide you such looks are things such as French tablecloths, storage tins having French prints, French kitchen blackboard, iron egg holder, clocks and almost all types of crockery and dishware.


Getting your lighting correctly will truly enhance your look. Overhead lightings as well as spot lightings within working regions are how you can go. Window dressing may also have serious impact over the French appearance of your home. Utilizing fabrics in proper authentic French styles and colors will do wonders. Do not use contemporary, modern fabrics. Just use fabrics that give a warm, rustic and cozy feel. Fabrics that are either printed or solid with strong colors like blue, green, yellow and red will appear great. A blend of gold and yellow paired with blue traditional print or red green will truly set up the look.


You must not forget stripes and checks and also all bright floral print. There are several online shops that help you to buy all such accessories you wish to buy at an extremely reasonably price. Dried flowers or French silk happen to be an essential element of your French home. A stone fireplace can truly set off your kitchen or living room.  In addition, wicker baskets, watering cans and dented tins make good storage containers or window boxes. Details such as blending your furniture along with decorative accessory pieces will aid you to pull off great French styled home décor feel which you will wish to show your friends and family.