Home Décor – Basic Features of the Contemporary Style



Summary: Decorating is the art of bringing together various elements like furniture, fabric and colors together to reflect a homeowner’s personality while making the space livable. One can spend a lot or a little depending on the available space and budget.


There are so many styles to choose from as far as home decor is concerned – modern, contemporary, traditional, southwestern, Asian inspired themes and so on. Contemporary décor incorporates elements from a range of different styles all of which were developed after 1950. Most of the furniture pieces feature soft lines rounded off for a pleasing look and feel. By comparison, modern designs have stark lines and colors as well with well defined edges. Contemporary interiors are defined by neutral elements with splashes of bold colors to bring interest to a room. Most of the focus is on lines, forms and shapes.


Breakdown of Contemporary Style Features

Color: Most contemporary interiors of a home or office feature muted and neutral colors like off white, taupe, white, cream and brown. Color is provided on a wall through colorful pictures or a single art piece. Color is provided in a room by a rug as well. This serves to highlight special pieces instead of detract from them with busy furniture or bright paint colors. This presents a very restful ambience for those who favor such a style.

Furniture: Tables, chairs and sofas in this style usually have clean lines and smooth surfaces. There is minimal adornment or carvings. The lines are clean, sturdy and slim. They convey the impression of being delicate without really being so. Furniture is usually made from light colored woods, paired with glass and nickel or steel frames. Pieces can be combined to give the impression of space even where there isn’t much to work with.

Fabrics: Natural fabrics like raw silk, hemp fabric, bamboo, linens, wool and cottons are very much in vogue again. Many of these fabrics are available in a variety of designs, textures and colors. Neutrals are favored as people can brighten up a room with accessories like throw pillows, decorative pieces, a beautiful rug on the floor and all kinds of throws. Many people use Afghans or quilts with this color scheme in the family room to make it cozy and comfortable.

Lighting: Lighting is an important factor in every home and interior. There are several designs available which can be considered artistic statements. Most of the lamps in the contemporary category have simple straight lines. One can find these lamps in many different finishes as well. Color can be added to a room thanks to a special finish. Recessed lighting makes it easy for homeowners to not only cut down on bills but highlight their artwork and other accessories.