Tips to Get the Correct French Home Décor



Summary: French décor uses various prints along with flower prints. The French décor involves balance. You can also use modern color schemes and opt for black and cream furniture. You can also use some antique pieces.


French house decor balances grace with many rustic pieces. It is an ideal blend of femininity and masculinity while decorating. You may spice up your kitchen, living room, bathroom or also a nursery using some tips for French home decor. French home decor appears expensive but it does not mean it needs to be. You may just gather all the items at your home which fits the bill and then blend them all in new methods for making a huge impact. Use fun prints and floral, those are staples of traditional designs. The floral print of French decor style is more like folk-art. The general feeling is very casual.


Tips for Availing Right French Home Décor


You may mix these with checks and solids to create a cheerful way of decorating. Decorate using the correct color palettes for your theme. The French décor color is about balance. In case you expect modern color palettes then go for cream and black colored furniture. Later bring in yellow or bright red fabrics. If you expect a truly French look then involve in lots of blue and yellow accessories to get a cheerful space.  Red also happens to be a color which is generally utilized in such design styles. You may wish to utilize it over your accessories and not on walls. This will prevent your rooms from getting overwhelmed by bold colors.


You need to balance elegance with nature. Grandfather clock is also a staple for this decorating technique. In place of the usual ornate Grandfather clocks, get a version which appears French. This may mean it is completely black and also has ornate wood inlay. You can also give your house a sense that it has been there for a while. This can be done with a fireplace or some faux rustic rock wall. You may also add some log beam to your ceiling. Later you may juxtapose this with sleek stone kinds such as granite or marble. Use accessories which you love.


Even while you use a theme, there is really nothing wrong or right while decorating. Ornate ceramic rooster is a staple in such design style. However, you can use them only if you want to. You may even make your kitchen more colorful with bowl full of lemons or cherries as a centerpiece which you may change out easily. If you possess any antique dishes, pots or ceramics display them at the shelves. French home decor style will render your house a lively and lived in feel. You may also decorate on budget using patterns and color and make a huge impact.