Top 10 Contemporary Home Décor in America



Summary: For every person, his home is important. Thus the decoration of the same is a personal experience as we all want our homes to stand out. In today’s world of décor, there are a few contemporary home décor in America which are extremely popular. Here is some information on the same.


Contemporary décor for the home has become extremely popular today. This form of design aims at warmth and comfort. Simple lines and clean designs with minimal intricate work gives the area a warm and welcome feel without being cluttered. However it is important to go through an experienced contemporary décor designer to ensure the house looks as expected. While there are different designers who have good tips and ideas, people usually use them as a guide. This allows them to use their own imagination while remaining within the basic rules of the particular style of décor. This facilitates them to add a personal touch making their home uniquely theirs. In contemporary décor, the furniture is usually of simple and straight design with little intricate work. This allows for the focus to be drawn to the piece as a part of the entire home. Upholstery is either of leather or of warm fabrics which give a feeling of comfort in the home.


Top Contemporary Décor Designs

Here are 10 of the most popular contemporary home décor tips:

1. Colors are important in contemporary home décor. The best colors are neutrals such as whites, creams, browns and taupe. For better focus or to accent a place, an item with bold color like a rug or painting may be used.

2. Furniture is made of wood and is usually light in color though dark color may also be used.

3. Lighting is usually muted unless focus needs to be drawn to a certain place. This is done with track lighting.

4. Metal may be used for floor lighting in metals such as nickel and stainless steel.

5. The fabrics used are usually in natural colors and the textures are the point of focus. However, geometric patterns may also be utilized.

6. The furniture used is usually low lying and the emphasis is on comfort.

7. The bathroom needs to also have straight and simple lines. The lighting is usually bright to add a fresh look.

8. Bath fixtures need to be simple and made of a combination of materials for warmth and subtle shades.

9. Inbuilt storage is quite popular and helps utilize excess space which is wasted in corners and areas under sinks.

10. In contemporary home décor, many try and utilize natural lighting to the best possible advantage. This requires large windows and balconies to allow natural light in the home.