Top 10 Popular Home Décor Styles in France



Summary: There are many popular French home décor styles. These are French country, Modern French, Shabby Chic, Southwestern décor, Traditional, etc. You can opt for any of them based on your taste.


There are many French home décor styles. French country home decorating style has become the highly popular style for interior designing today. French country shows the sunny, warm French vineyard. It combines the new with the old and the sophisticated with the casual. You can find the rustic natural setting and charm of country homes and old farmhouses. French country decor involves warm sunshine and flower filled meadow. The feel is natural and appealing, without much fuss. Often, the color found within this kind of decor is soft green, golden yellow, rust and red shades. You can also find splash of blue, pink or also lavender. It is also an ideal style for people on budget.


Popular Top 10 French Home Décor Styles


Modern French home décor style has clean lines. It often uses minimalist fashion and has no clutter. The colors are usually vibrant and bold. This is not for all as it may often feel austere and cold. Shabby Chic is one more great style in case you are on budget as it is an eclectic mix of vintage fabrics, flea market find and distressed furniture. However, you need to take care for appearing more chic than shabby. Southwestern decor is more about decorating like an old French theme. It is a mix of various tribal influences having earthy, warm tones, primitive art and antique furnishing.


The Tuscan style has been inspired via the traditional designs and warm colors of the bright vineyards. You may use this kind of style if you want your own small piece of sunny countryside house. The Victorian style is another home décor style. It exudes grace with its ornate and rich carved furnishing. If you like the formality from a long bygone era, the Victorian happens to be ideal for you. The Contemporary happens to be today’s style. It is a soft side of the modern having greater rounded curves. You might select contemporary if are looking at creating a style which is stylish yet functional.


Traditional home décor is inviting and sophisticated. It underscores very well made detailed fabrics and furnishings. Traditional displays hints of past, with some formal furniture arrangement. However, it is warm and does not appear stuffy. The Art Deco style brings the glamour of the 1930s and 20s back. After World War I a new era was brought in this highly influenced interior design. Furnishings are modern and streamlined but comfortable. The Country home design style speaks of rolling county hill and farm houses. It is generally welcoming and warm. The furnishings are comfortable and are accented by the vintage country treasure.