I love to group a very large number of family portraits. If you are lucky you may be able to include one or two pictures of great grandparents or distant cousins. To me it’s more interesting and so often you can see the resemblance between these distant relatives and your own kids.  I try to make all the frames in the grouping the same color but not the same size. Also I like some of the frames square and some rectangle. In this group all the frames are square or rectangle but don’t be afraid to bring in a circle or oval if it looks right. You just have to make sure that every shape repeats at least once. So you would have to have quite a few pictures to bring in more shapes. If I am going to use color photos I like them all to be color. Otherwise I like all the photos to be black and white. So if you are using distant relatives you will have to get some black and whites of your pictures because you know it is really hard to colorize old photos and have them look good. Anyway most of the professional photographers I know prefer black and white for a family grouping. So if you have a large wall or long wall this is a great way to display the family photos.



What a great idea this is for a shed. This is almost like a second patio; you can have some guests on your patio and in your yard while others can have a little more private conversation in the shed. Many times a cabana is used in the yard for a similar purpose but think about the advantages this shed has over a cabana. There is protection from the weather and the bar stock does not have to be brought in and out for every party. Notice that the wood used for the interior construction of the shed is the same shade as the rattan furniture and the bar stools. There is a fully stocked bar and the nice thing about the bar being in the shed, as opposed to on the patio, is that when it is not in use you can lock it up and not have to worry about others having access. All of the construction is of high quality. Also it the furniture in this shed is great because it is protected from the weather and the cushions do not have to be put away to protect them from rain and sun damage. Great feng shui.